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How to Change iCloud Password

iCloud is a difficult feature introduced by Apple Inc. that provides cloud storage for Apple devices that are connected to a selected account. iCloud offers a stable and efficient means of storing data such as images, music, and documents on remote servers.

That data stored in the iCloud account is encrypted with an iCloud password. In order to access iCloud data, individuals have access to the iCloud account and therefore have access to the password. You can conveniently access iCloud services on your iPhone, Laptop or iPod. It is important to keep changing the iCloud password from time to time for the security of the information stored on iCloud.

Any users looking for any information about iCloud ‘s password update, the full method is to change the password of the iCloud account.

Steps to variate the iCloud password on the iPhone:

One should follow the basic steps of changing the iCloud password on an iPhone:

  • Join the Settings screen on your iPhone.
  • Then switch to the Password and Protection section where the Change Password list appears.
  • Then, the user will be prompted to enter the latest Apple account password.
  • Enter a new password for the iCloud after giving the current password, and guarantee it.
  • To save the changes, click on Change Password.

Hence the new iCloud account password will be changed by completing the iCloud password change process.

Learn the steps iCloud passwords change on Mac

Having different the iCloud password seems a tedious touch for the Mac users. On Mac one may use the iCloud password change protocol to restore a new password. Here are a few measures with the aid of which users can change their iCloud password without any trouble:

  • That user must first open the Apple ID account page and log in to the Apple account.
  • From both the Apple account’s Settings menu, switch to the Security section.
  • There the user has to pick the choice Change Password.
  • Instead, the users will be prompted to enter an Apple account replacement password.
  • Verify your new password, too.
  • Tab on the Password Change button at the bottom of the page block.
  • The password will be changed with progress.

Now even the user can sign in easily with the new Apple ID password and can access services and features.

While users do not know the password for iCloud, they must reset the password by checking the account. In order to restore a new password, users have to go to the “Manage Your Apple Account” tab and pick Forgot Password from there. Then, enter the Protection section and the user will be asked to validate the account with a few pieces of data. The user will set a replacement password for the iCloud account after the verification has been completed.

iCloud Customer Service 

If there is any issue facing users during the iCloud password change process then they should be able to contact iCloud customer services without any delay.