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Reset Macbook without Losing Data?

Mac is commonly considered the biggest used computer gadget and its demand is an ever-high one. Yeah, if you’re selling your Mac, you’ll need to reset your Mac before you hit the streets to sell, yeah your data won’t be misused. However, if you’re trying to locate the answer to the way Macbook can be reset without losing data, you’ll find the successful ways to get an equivalent here.

How to Reset Macbook pro without losing data

You will need to back up your Mac in this phase to protect all the data. If you have new Macbook, then via the system phase you can move the details from old Mac to new Mac. However, if you only have a single Mac and you just need to sell it, then you are going to pass all the details to the iCloud. If the user encounters any difficulty when conducting these measures then simply contact the Mac toll-free number to instantly sort the difficulty by technician assistance.

Then Mac will start resetting the successful methods. First and foremost, you ‘re going to need to sign out of everything and the small print is listed below for your comfort.

Sign Out from iTunes

  • Get iTunes running on your Mac.
  • Tap the ‘User’ tab at the top of the page and pick ‘Sign Out’ from the menu.

Sign Out from iMessage

  • Let messages installed on your Computer.
  • Tap on the Message tab and pick Preferences from the menu.
  • That iMessage account page will then appear, pick your account and press the ‘Sign Out’ button.

How to Reset Mac?

  • Enable your Mac and keep the ‘Command key and R’ key together in the centre of an equivalent, and release the keys once the Mac OS disc utility window is located.
  • Click the ‘Disk Utility’ button, and press ‘Continue.’
  • Find your disc (Macintosh HD) now, and click on the Delete button.
  • So switch to the section ‘File’ and pick ‘Extended Mac OS’ and click on ‘Erase.’
  • That’s it; then switch to the section of Disk Utility and select ‘Delete Disk Utility’ from the menu.

All the information has been deleted but you want to install the OS on the Mac and the equivalent details are listed below.

Install Mac OS

Reboot your Mac and then press and hold together the ‘Command Key and R button and release the keys until you enter the Mac OS Utility window.
Click ‘Reinstall macOS’ from the menu, and click on the ‘Continue’ button.

Then click on the Update button and press and hold the control key and Q key together when it’s done, and this can guide you to the Setup page, skip an equivalent and ‘Shut Down’ your Mac.

Mac Customer Service number

Finally, your question, the way to reset Mac has been solved and now your device is prepared purchasable . Your all data are safe and secure and your device is totally fresh. If still you’re having any quite issue then just contact to the mac toll free number to unravel your issue on time .