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How To Reset Microsoft account password

Microsoft accounts is very useful since it makes it possible for the customers to advise signed in to all of the devices they need. Additionally, creating a Microsoft account is very simple because the user can simply follow those steps and then from whatever computer they want to activate their account.

Change Microsoft account password

There are also moments when the user faces checking in problems and when they need to change their password for their account. To this end, they use internet assistance and presence to reset Microsoft account password related issues on it. Therefore the consumer may simply follow the steps mentioned below to get the answer to the present issue. These steps will allow the user to changed the password for Microsoft account and can access it to create a new one.

Reset Microsoft account password , below given steps must be followed by the user:

  • First of all, Microsoft account users can open either of their browsers on the desktop systems they are processing the tactic on.
  • They can then attend the Microsoft password reset page straight away by entering their web address inside the address bar.
  • If the user is on Microsoft’s password reset page, they will be asked to request a valid reason to reset their password. They’ll pick the appropriate explanations from the list.
  • When the justification has been selected, the consumer has to pick next and will continue to process it.
  • Now the user is expected to select the e-mail address menu and will correctly list their Microsoft email address inside the given box.
  • Simply enter the e-mail address that requires password reset.
  • After this, the user is further alleged to enter correctly the captcha characters displayed in the window.
  • Upon entering the captcha the user has to pick next.
  • By doing so, the user would receive a code linked to the corresponding email address or their alternative email address on their phone number.
  • If the code is obtained by the user it should be inserted correctly within the specified room.
  • Every user is then obligated to enter their latest Microsoft account password.
  • This password should be entered twice, to save it.
  • Finally , the user can choose save option.

Thus, if they need to reset their Microsoft account password, the user must follow these steps that are listed above. The user must perform this procedure in the correct way to save the new password easily and thus the user does not grind to a halt when using their accounts.

Microsoft Customer Service Number

On the alternative, if at any point the user experiences any problems associated with these steps, or the user still has any questions as to how to reset Microsoft account password, they will simply be in touch with the representatives regarding the issue. Executives are educated and are available at any time of the day to interested individuals. In any of the difficulties, the user can contact them when they need to or when they come to a halt.